Appraisal Services

Valuation Concepts, Inc. offers nationwide machinery and equipment appraisals. We offer both a Summary Appraisal Report and a Desktop Appraisal Report for our clients.

Summary Appraisal Report  appraisal_form

A Summary M&E Appraisal Report offers an estimate of value for machinery and equipment compliant with USPAP guidelines for a Summary Appraisal Report. Values are reported for each individual asset and the aggregate as a single number.    An on-site inspection will be performed to verify and identify the asset.

apprchecklistDesktop Appraisal Report

A Desktop M&E Appraisal Report is a form of Summary Appraisal Report as defined by USPAP.   A Desktop Report is often ordered to reduce the cost of the appraisal when a visual identification of the equipment is not required.   A description of the equipment and pictures are sent to us to determine its value.

Costs   $$$sign

In order to determine the costs associated with an appraisal, we must first determine its scope and complexity. Factors that will be weighed include the number of assets to be valued, research involved to find comparables, and travel.  Contact Valuation Concepts, Inc. today for a quote on your specific needs.


Levels of Analysis
Fair Market Value

The estimated amount, expressed in terms of money that may reasonably be expected for a property in an exchange between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with equity to both, neither under any compulsion to buy or sell, and both fully aware of all relevant facts, as of a specific date.6147963-jet-airplane-dismantled-for-parts

Orderly Liquidation Value

The estimated gross amount, expressed in terms of money, that could be typically realized from a liquidation sale, given a reasonable period of time to find a purchaser (or purchasers), with the seller being compelled to sell on an "as is," "where is" basis, as of a specific date.


Forced Liquidation Value

Forced Liquidation Value is the estimated gross amount, expressed in terms of money, that could typically be realized from a properly advertised and conducted public auction, with the seller being compelled to sell with a sense of immediacy on an as-is , where-is basis, as of a specific date.